Monday, May 29, 2006

I See You.

Would it kill you to leave a comment from time to time? Ya you! You reading this... That comment thing at the bottom... I know your there.. I can see you and my hit counter keeps growing, so I know your there. Your lack of comment posting unfortunately means only 2 things to me. #1 You agree with 100% everything I have to say, Zer0 your a genius and I have nothing to add.. Or #2 You think the blog is horrible and would not lower your standards to the point of actually replying to my blather... Come on, I can take it.. I got broad shoulders



Kelsey said...

Wow. I'm the first comment? I started medic classes this week so I've been incredibly busy. Not to mention, I just found your blog this past weekend. I guess I'm kind of trying to be an outsider... watch and see what happens. Kind of like a ride-along ;) We had a GREAT call the other night- came out as "shotgun wound to the chest". Got all excited- my first shooting. We got cancelled 10 minutes later. Call was "unfounded". So much for the adrenaline rush... But I spose this happens to you all the time eh?

Zer0 said...

From time to time yes... BS calls are about as normal as the serious calls. All in a days work.