Thursday, May 25, 2006

Boom.... KA-BOOM

Well, as many of you know I'm the commander for a special division of where I work and from time to time we get the opportunity to attend new and interesting classes.

One of those classes is IRTB or "Incident response to Terrorist Bombing". Un fortunately for me I wont be able to attend this one due to scheduling conflicts and the fact that I still have a 2 day class to teach for about 20 of our employees on WMD and I haven't gotten that totally prepared yet. BUT, BUT, B U T.. If you get the chance to take this class please drop me a line and fill me in on all the particulars. It is held in New Mexico at New Mexico Tech.

The government pays for most of your expenses, including travel, food, lodging and rental car, all you would really have to provide would be some free time and willingness to learn about bombs. According the the paperwork I received you will be building and detonating explosives and studying the effect they have on different materials.

Keep in mind though, to a dog, you will smell like Osama after this class. Take pictures of the class, bring your paperwork as a carry on, have your certificate handy... These things might make your wait in security a little less stressing and keep good 'ol Johnny from cramming a finger up your butt and digging for C-4.


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