Monday, April 13, 2009

My Boys.

Few things in this world come even close to the joy I feel when I look into the eyes of my sons. They are the whole reason I do what I do, and the driving force behind my absolute need to succeed. I want them to have the things I never did. I want them to feel secure and know that no matter what life throws at them Daddy will be a constant and home is safe.

Last night someone took part of that innocence from them. Someone violated their home and stole their property.

3 motorcycles, 1 quad and a go-cart all stolen under the cover of darkness by a coward.

Sounds like a lot but it really isn't. My bike was the only thing of real value. A 2003 V-Star that was 2 months from being paid off. It's insured so I'm not really mad at all about that. They found it about a mile away wrecked in a ditch. The sheriff has it now trying to get prints I presume.

What infuriates me is the things that belong to my sons. They were second-hand and pieced together with duct tape and coat hangers in places but they were one of the true joys of their summertime. We spent many hours in the shop welding and tacking broken parts back together. We searched Ebay for parts and rummaged through junkyards for repairs. The time spent with my sons on these projects were as good as gold to me.

I had to work overtime for 6 months to pay for those motorcycles. I gave them to them on their birthdays. They were so excited they could hardly stand still. Some bastard or group of bastards has taken that away from them. They robbed them of the joy of being a child. They robbed me of the satisfaction of seeing them zoom around the yard smiling like crazy.

As a medic we are supposed to preserve life. We are supposed to help those in need no matter the circumstances. Right now I don't feel like the helping type. My sole wish is that I could find those responsible for this just about 20 minutes before the Sheriff does. I wouldn't ever condone killing anyone, but I'd like to give them a taste of the pain my sons feel before they get the pain of a pounding in the ass in prison. I'd like a little "Dad Justice" first.

I was trying to explain to my oldest child (10 years old) what had happened. He looked down sad and simply replied "Well at least they found yours dad, it was the most expensive"

I almost cried. When had he grown up? How did I manage to raise such a good kid? God-bless him for thinking of others before himself... But it's not good enough for me. When I get mine back I'm selling it and buying my boys 2 brand new ones, because I'm a daddy and thats what daddy's do.

To the cowards who stole them. I was ok with you stealing from me, but I'm not ok with you stealing from my children. You are lower than snake shit. You don't rate in anyone's book. Not even your mother loves you, kill yourself and do the world a favor.

Pray to whatever god you worship that I never find you.