Thursday, July 07, 2005

Board Troll

I would not be a good host unless I informed all of you that there are a few blog trolls about on this board.

As a result of people with little minds having nothing better to do than post anoymous comments on my blog I have decided to make the comments section registered users only.

Yes, I fully realize that these trolls can just make fake names and still post. That being said, they will have to work just a little harder to do so. Anything that makes it more difficult for a troll is seen as FINE in my book.

These trolls (well one of them) also works for the spelling police. Please use spell check in all further comment postings. I would hate for any of you to have to deal with a heafty ticket for not using the english language to it's fullest scale.



Sunday, July 03, 2005

30 Somethings ...

In the last week the newspaper has sent my head spinning. I don't know why I bother to pick it up anymore.

3 of my highschool classmates have died of heart related problems. All within the same general age of me. I'm freaked out.

I have clothes to buy and funerals to attend. I have hands to hold and a game face to put on.

At work last night I had my partner hook me up to the 12 lead, RSR. Well that's good, but I'm still making an appt. to see my doc. I'm glad I quit smoking last year and I eat more chicken now then beef. It seems like everything I like to do will only make my children be without their father quicker.

I look at the police officers on the street now and many of them are 5 years younger then me. When did I get old? Or when did they get so young?

I am glad that I'm older though, because if I had to wear my pants falling off my ass and constantly hold on tho them as I walk, I'm afraid I wouldn't get much done.

Whats wrong with kids today? No respect, no responsibility?

Ya I know these were some rambling thoughts today... cut me some slack. I'm not doing real well with the 30 somethings dying on me.