Thursday, August 26, 2004

Blog Revision

Let me explain my removing the blog that used to be here.

I write a blog because I can't afford a mental health professional every time I need to get something off my chest.

I write a blog because it helps me vent to the outside world without venting to my family or my co-workers.

I write a blog to try and inform people of the little things that they miss day to day. Things that might be over looked.

I write a blog to try and get in touch with others that might feel the same way I do.

I have been informed that some of the people in the company I work for did not appreciate the content of my writings. I was told that I needed to remove any and all reference to the company I worked for from my writings.

That would have been extremely difficult. See, my blog was open access. I posted a picture of one of our ambulances and then several other people from our company and explorer post added more pictures. This was a mistake. I'm perfectly able to remove the content that I added, but finding and removing the links other people have posted and editing their comments is just too time consuming. I chose to remove the entire blog.

At no time was there any accurate information posted about patient information. Every name, street, number, hospital ETC was fictitious.

To those people who enjoyed reading and posting to the blog, I apologize.

To any of the people that I work with that might have found the writing inappropriate, I apologize. It will not be repeated.

I posted the pictures because I have an huge amount of pride in the company I work for. I'm proud of the things we have accomplished and the future ahead of us. I posted the picture because I wanted other people to be able to precieve the pride that I was trying to convey. I can only assume that other people posted the pictures they did for similar reasons.

Yes there were some stinging remarks about things that have happened to date. I will not apologize for them. This was my way of dealing with issues that I had to deal with. This was my out in the crazy world of private EMS. I would post my thoughts and be done with them. I would not need to dwell on issues that I had already addressed.

If in the course of my postings some people were offended, it was never intended.