Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It shouldn't be easy...

My next few comments may be a bit sensitive. I apologize in advance for them, but they are my true feelings and in the spirit of open discussion I will post them now. They are not pointing fingers at anyone. They are general remarks.

Do not be a "Bare Minimum" provider. Do not be a "Fast Food" provider. Do not be a "Good Enough EMT"
We have already dumbed the system down quite a bit from what it was 10 years ago. Many of my friends who have been medics much longer than I spoke of a text for Paramedics titled "You the ER Physician". We made it easier so more people would do it. I think that was a mistake.

We have cut too much already, we have made the system and the testing easier for people to pass and as a result of this we have some pretty crappy providers on the road. This is also one of the reasons we cant get better reimbursement as a health care profession. It's also a reason why we are not taken as seriously as we should be.

Not everyone should be an EMT. Volunteer or not, some people just do not have the aptitude for the work, they don't work well under pressure etc. All we accomplish by making the system easier is a type of EMT that you wouldn't want attending to your loved one. You can teach ANYONE to pass registry, but the cold hard truth of the matter is not everyone should. There is a big difference between book knowledge and actual working knowledge.

I don't care what your level is. A solid understanding of the human body and how it works is essential to being a good provider. Yes, there are areas you can stress and areas you can gloss over but all of these areas are very important to the rounded knowledge of a "Good" clinician. You can skate with "Just Enough" to pass the class and still get your card; but honestly, is that the type of EMT you want treating you?

*My Disclaimer*

The preceding post was not a reply to anyone. If you take offense to it your most likely one of the people I'm talking about. If you skin is actually that thin, find new work.