Monday, June 27, 2005

Hot, Hot, Hot

If the weather in your area is as bad as it is in my area please pay attention:

1) Plenty of fluids. Remember if you are thirsty you are already at least 4% dehydrated.

2) Light clothes reflect heat, dark colors draw it. If your company supports a summer uniform, be sure to wear it instead of your darker color duty gear.

3) SUNBLOCK. Even if you think you "bronze" nicely. Melenoma is a killer that doesnt leave many warning signs. 2 sunburns that cause blisters TRIPLES your chances for skin cancer.

4) Limit your exposure outside. Work smart not hard. Use an extra crew for a difficult move. Dont OVER exert yourself, because in this heat it can be a killer for us slightly pudgy people.

This is the 10th straight day over 95 degrees with no rain. The wheat is ruined, the corn is not going to ear out right and field fires are rampant.

Those of you that support a fire department MAKE SURE you carry lots and lots of cool water and towels to rehab your guys. Remember that if it's 95 degrees outside your guys are 120+ in their SCBA and VERY, VERY hot inside a structure fire. Responders in hazmat suits will be good for 15 minutes TOPS. Rotate your crews and keep them well hydrated.

Take care guys.


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