Wednesday, June 22, 2005

War is Expensive!

You never really realize how much a war costs you until you see it broken down. You can check it out HERE
I started out supporting our war effort in full. I thought we should have turned that place into a sheet of glass and then planted an American Flag out there and made it one big roller rink for our children to play on. I wanted revenge for 911 and I wanted Saddam to pay for not following the rules and guidelines set forth by the first gulf war.

However, looking at the situation now I cant help asking myself: "Why are we still there?"

Their new leadership is in place, they have their own police force and their economy is starting to support it's self. So how much is enough?




jen said...

As you read on, youll realize this comment concerns your previous post and has no general base of pertinence. However...
A thorough cleaning of my home a few weeks ago resulted in me finding your blog address given to me how long ago so i decided to check it out... Having been out of the game for almost a year now, i have no current information..nor do i want any but it seems to me old problems are resurfacing. As I am now an STNA and can say ive seen the same problem dealt with in a more real world (medical) setting, Discretion was the word stressed to my coworker for use in their private life. It sounds as if the problems stem from the explorers private lives, therefore a punishment in such an official setting seems inappropriate. For the coworker in question, a reminder that a professional is still a professional even off duty and should act accordingly was all that was needed to rectiy the situation. Discretion in our ADL's, not a cessation thereof is whats demanded of us...why not them?

Zer0 said...

Thanks for your insight. It took me about 45 minutes to find what entry you were replying to but I finally figured it out..

Zer0 said...

It would seem that we have our very first troll.

Un-related posts have been removed, and the spelling police have been called.