Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The more things change...

Sitting here I got an email saying someone posted to my blog.  "I've got a blog?" I wondered.  Oh ya, the blog I started when I was ranting about life in EMS.  So I take a quick look and this is what greeted me.

Well after a stressful day in the field I see no problem coming home to smoke and relax, it beats becoming an alcoholic like half the people in the field. for some one to say your the lowest of snakes and a fucking idiot is some one who is very uneducated in the subject of weed. some of the best medics and emts smoke weed, your personal life and work are two different things, keep them apart and you should be fine. and as for Mr. "Hating on smokers"chill out seems like u could use a joint yourself with all that anger haha.. 

If some of the "best" medics and EMTs you know smoke weed you really need to  to find a new group of role models17 years in the field and I can say one thing with complete confidence:  "I don't drink to excess and I don't smoke weed."  All of the best EMTs and Medics I know also don't.  They are committed to their profession and taking care of the people in their charge.

You need a clear head for this job, it can't be addled with anything other than the mass amount of information you have to retain to do it to the best of your ability.  You're lying to yourself if you think that your recreational drug use is a "good" thing.  You can try to justify anything, drug use, alcohol use, abuse of prescription medications or even violence but in the end, you're still lying to yourself.  You are relying on a "crutch" to get through the evenings so you can do it all again the next day.

If EMS is to ever get the same respect as doctors and nurses we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard and demand that those around us to as well.  Snake shit, and fucking idiot was probably pretty harsh.  I apologize for that.  At that point in my life I was really feeling the pressure of the job.  It was before I learned healthy coping techniques and got myself into a stable home environment.  Now I'm just kind of sad for you. Until you are willing to let go of childhood vices you will never be able to take that next step to being a professional provider.

I'm no prude, I've smoked weed and gotten as drunk as the next guy but there is a time when you have to start looking at the bigger picture and thinking beyond your own vices.  Grow - Up.  Set an example for new EMTs.  Be the change that we all so desperately need.

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