Monday, September 17, 2012

I dislike Monday.........very much.

Incident reports....check
Maintenance log.....check


Someone really needs to do something about Mondays.

So I sit here this morning wondering if I'm going to have to fire an employee that has been with me for 12 years.  It weighs heavy on my soul.  I've never had a problem cutting someone loose if they deserved it but when you got to make a decision based upon someone else's interpretation of the rules it kind of sucks.

Corporate policy often contradicts personal opinion.  How do you deal with it?


You voice your opinion, you put that opinion in writing and you fire it up the chain.  You have done what you can do at this point.  I know it sounds harsh, but really, are you going to jeopardize the jobs of 35 other people for the sake of 1?

Still I wish they would come down and do it themselves.  I feel like a hatchet man.


Maybe my opinion will be taken into consideration and the ruling will be in their favor.  Although I can't completely discount that happening I still have to live through this Monday with the dread that I might have to replace an employee.  I'll never be able to replace the friend.

Monday Sucks.

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