Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stop, just stop it already!

Ok. For the last few months I have been hearing a lot of crap about the world coming to an end in 2012 because the Myans stopped making their calendar there.

I think it's bullshit and here is my rational as to why.

The Myans lived from 300-900 AD. They built housing so they had contractors and engineers. They ate so they had farmers etc. They basically had most of the professions we have today right?

So it stands to reason they had teachers and scribes too.

Some poor sap got placed in a hut around 315AD and it was his job to make calendars. As he got older it was further his job to pass off the calendar making to some other non-athletic Myan. Given the average life span of a Myan of lets say, 70 years, that means that from the time they winked into existence around 300AD until the time they winked out of existence around 900 AD we have a span of 600 years.

That means if only 1 Myan was making calendars it took almost 9 of them to do nothing but make calendars for that 600 year period. (Of course you can multiply that number by a factor of 1000 easily as there were probably plenty of calendars)

It is my belief that somewhere down the line they just got tired of adding years. I mean, COME ON! If it were your job to make calendars what year would you say.. "Ok, to hell with it. We don't need to go any further than this!"

Some wrinkly old Myan got to 2012 and said "That looks good, here it is 898AD... Who the FUCK is going to live 1114 more years to even appreciate my work?" "If we happen to make it that far we will just start making calendars again, but this is good enough for now."

Lighten up people.. We are not going to wink out of existence in 2012 just because some Myan got tired of making calendars.

The only thing this serves is to remind ourselves that in EMS there will always be some nutter with a reason to be going crazy. Load up on your Haldol and Versed and start your day guys. There are plenty of nuts out there for all of us.



Anonymous said...

hahaha!!! You always make me laugh!! BG

FireEMSGirl said...

this was my thought exactly.