Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cold Weather Musings

My God is it cold outside today!

My truck is saying 9 degrees and thats not figuring in the 30mph winds that have take the power out all over town. Wind chill -20 or so.

We ran on a few slip and falls yesterday and a couple domestics. Nothing says "Seasons Greetings" like kicking the shit out of your spouse.

My other crew did 2 DOAs in the first 10 hours of the shift and then some various BS runs the rest of it. I hate it when people die near the holidays. You know their family will never look at the seasons the same anymore. They will always equate Christmas with death. Fitting? Maybe, I don't know.

My babies wont be home until Christmas morning. I miss them like hell already, but it's good that they get to spend some time with their mother. I'm a firm believer that little boys should be raised by their fathers (if the father is able) but I'm also a firm believer that no one coddles and preens over a child like their mother. My sons have me all the time to keep their butt in line, and they know I love them but around the holiday season I guess it's ok for them to be pampered by mommy a bit.

The girl and I are getting along very well. This in it's self is news because never before in my 35 years on this planet have I had such an easy going relationship. We both respect each others space and personal differences. We even go so far as to accept each other for who we are. I KNOW, WEIRD HUH??!!??! Now if I could just get her to tell me what she wants for Christmas I'd be all set!

Got a call from one of my guys thats also on a volunteer department, he had a pretty bad run involving a whole family. One of the children died. A parent lifeflighted to a trauma center. He was pretty shook up about it. he would never admit it but I could hear it n his voice.

He asked about the usefulness of CISD meetings. I encouraged him to go, and told him if it wasn't enough to come and see me and we'd talk some more. I've been there, and it sucks. I hope he pulls through without being too screwed up. It's hard to get past those calls.

I'm holed up by the computer trying to keep my hands warm. I have the heat jacked up and Oscar (The bird...The Grouch) is singing his damn fool head off. I can imagine him saying "Hey dumbass, if you cold I'm down right frozen a brother out"

Stay warm guys... hats and gloves on every call. You never know when you'll have to play in this shit for 30 minutes or so.

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