Thursday, July 07, 2005

Board Troll

I would not be a good host unless I informed all of you that there are a few blog trolls about on this board.

As a result of people with little minds having nothing better to do than post anoymous comments on my blog I have decided to make the comments section registered users only.

Yes, I fully realize that these trolls can just make fake names and still post. That being said, they will have to work just a little harder to do so. Anything that makes it more difficult for a troll is seen as FINE in my book.

These trolls (well one of them) also works for the spelling police. Please use spell check in all further comment postings. I would hate for any of you to have to deal with a heafty ticket for not using the english language to it's fullest scale.




doc. er said...

Got a question for ya..
Ive heard the city wants to build a library and a cluster of doctors offices in the old tire dump, is that going to have an impact on the station? I heard from someone it was going to have to be moved due to the increase in traffic/ construction, or some such nonsense.. any truth to that statement, so far as you know?

Zer0 said...

Sorry, I dont know who you are or what your refering to. If you would supply a name I would probably be more open to discussing things with you. However I do not discuss anything relating to the company I work for or anything connected to it. It got me into a bit of trouble about a year ago and there will be no repeats of that.


doc. er said...

its just your ever annoying ex-explorer jen, and from the way i tried to word my question it should have very little to do with the name of your company, however i do understand if you cant answer while using such publicly available information

autoparts said...

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Zer0 said...

Autoparts, I'm going to allow your comment to stay because there is a shred of truth to your webpage. however in the future please set your link to the specific area we were discussing... I hardly think dentists fully qualify.