Monday, March 25, 2013

A Chapter Ends.

The end of an era.  So much history and dedication in this building.  So many memories and tragedies so many drama filled afternoons it was as bad as a soap opera, still I'll miss it like I would miss a crazy uncle who suddenly bought the farm.   This is where I got my chops, it's where I became the clinician I am today.  The people here are the ones who groomed me, propped me up and supported me the whole time I was learning what it meant to be a paramedic.  The very same people who remained with me as I climbed the corporate ladder, past many of them.  They never left my side, they never complained that I got the opportunity to advance and they didn't.  They remained loyal and stayed beside me through all of it.  I can never re-pay them for that kindness.

The best and the brightest came out of this station. It's was a common term that when you came here it was your responsibility to get along with us not our responsibility to get along with you.  You either got along or along (down the road).

I'll miss this place.  I'll miss the people.  I'll miss the profound impact that the station and the spirit of the community had on my life.  There is not much of it I wont miss but right now I've got work to do.  I need to find jobs for those who are remaining on this journey with me and I have to write letters of recommendation for those who are choosing a different path.  Although this chapter is finished a lot of us will start a new story together and I look forward to writing about it.

Keep your head up, walk tall, be proud.  You served and served well.

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