Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday...who loves Friday?

It's time we demand change.  No longer shall people get sick or injured from Friday at 1700 until Monday at 0600.  We have lives too you know!  Those that are on shift will appreciate the rest while the managers will scream about truck productivity.  Easy to solve this though:  If there are no sick or injured people from Friday at 1700 until Monday at 0600 there would be no need to staff any units, anywhere.  We all get the weekend off.

(Pipe Dream mode Off)

EMS sees Friday as just another day.  If you're on a rolling 24 Friday is nothing more to you than one of two days off or another 24 hour shift.  Supervisors don't ever get a day off, just a day out of the office.  Being on both side of the coin (truck and management) I can tell you that there is almost no difference at all.

I think I've worked about every job possible in the private EMS field.  As I sit and reflect on the last 16 years I'm happy that I always knew where I came from....even if I didn't know where I was going.  That's part of the magic and allure of EMS, each day is different yet very much the same.  You can know 100% of what you job entails but never 100% of what you will see that day.

So it's Friday and my week is blown.  I've had so much drama packed into a 50 hour work week that I couldn't possibly stand another day of it.  I've had meeting after meeting, conference call after conference call and run after run.  Some days I really miss the simplicity of the lights and sirens.  Some days I miss the purity of the sick and injured.  It sounds silly but at least I knew my place in the universe back then.  Now a days  I feel like a juggler with a show that no one finds entertaining.

Happy Friday to you all.

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Carol E said...

I really do enjoy reading your post. I like how you tell it how it is and just like anyone in the Ems Field I believe, knows what you mean and how you feel with the burn out feeling. We are get there but the key is too decide if it is truly what you want to do. Then if it is let nothing stand in your way. Sometimes it is also good to take a mini vacation or break away from Ems work and then come back to it excited and refreshed.