Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's 5am do you know where your ambulance drivers are?

Ambulance driver. This simple term sets me on fire. I do more than drive an ambulance folks.

To enlighten a few of our readers that do not know what EMS really does please observe the following:

First Aid: You can learn it anywhere, some classes are better than others.

First Aid/CPR: Now your doing something useful, but still, some classes are better than others.

First Responder: This is the entry level of professional rescue, about 2 months of school.

Basic EMT: Step 2 in professional rescue. Some drugs and medications about 6 months of school.

Advanced EMT: (some states call them specialists) Step 3 in a 4 step process. More meds, more proceedures. 6 months school to get your basic then 4-5 more months to get your advanced.

Paramedic: The last step in most pre-hospital care. Advanced Cardiac Care, even more meds and proceedures. At LEAST 12 months of school with many classes being 18 months.

From first responder to paramedic we all drive the freaking ambulance from time to time, but dont call us ambulance drivers.



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Anonymous said...


I am looking to become an EMT, I finished classes, and I just have to take the national registry exam. Trouble is, I smoke marijuana and I dont really want to stop unless I need to. Are there drug tests for EMT-Bs?


rookie bebe said...

To anonymous, yes your employers will require a drug test. Unless you're eaten up with cancer and need the weed, I wouldn't want someone with impaired thinking to come near me. Or drive me anywhere either.

If you're taking pot now, what will you try to take out of the drug bag when you get on a truck?

Concerned EMT

rookie bebe said...

Are you still blogging? I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and like what you write.

Anonymous said...


hah, no I'm a little bit more legit than that, I am an Ivy Leaguer home for the summer, so I already quit and I am ready for the job.

thanks for the warning.