Saturday, July 08, 2006


Sorry I haven't been real current with the writing lately. We are slammed with OT at work. We have several people on vacation and as it stands we were already down 2 medics and a basic. So basically we are down 5 people. That means one HELL OF A LOT OF OT for the rest of us.

Now, don't get me wrong. In emergency services, most of us like to hover around the 70 hour mark, but 90-100 hours a week is a bit draining.

I put a pool up for the kidos today. Me and a couple buddies spent the better part of 4 hours leveling the ground where it sits. Put the pool up to find out it leans. Crap. Time to drain 2000 gallons of water out and re-level. Poor children might be able to swim by the middle of August.

Playing very little paintball lately, I either cant find the time to play or I can't find the players. So much for shooting your buddy.

Been screwing around with Sony Vegas and Micro(shaft) Movie Maker. I'm toying with the idea of making a realistic video clip about EMS.. Only problem is I have to find enough footage that doesn't infringe on any copyright. If anyone out there has a stock of pics or vids that they wouldn't mind seeing in a video lemme know.

Been teaching a bit lately. Just got done doing a 2 day WMD class for the IAFF. It went ok, could have been better. I just don't understand people sometimes, you give them FREE training and they want to bitch. I got several complaints that the class was too long, then I got several complaints that there was too much information for a class so short. Geees.

Oh well, back to the back yard. I got a pool to wrestle with and kids that at least appreciate me.



capnmedic said...

Hey im always up for paintball if Im not at work. Let me know.

painter in hiding said...

I've got some EMS pics on my flickr account I wouldn't mind sharing.
they are stills, no videos. but if you want to use any of them, email me.

Rob said...

In refe to your blog...


Not in the exact spots, but close.

Thoughts and hugs Brother.