Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Private EMS

Got our ass beat today. Back to back all day.

I start up blogger to bitch, complain and scream about my job in private EMS. However, when I got here and started writing this it occurs to me that I could be in a factory punching out car parts for more money. I could be screaming "Would you like frys with that?" and proabably be making more money... BUT.. what i couldnt do is: Write a blog, read a book, watch television, play video games, eat a sandwich, take a nap, sit in a lawn chair, web surf, or take a lengthly crap. All the while being paid to do it.

My job aint that bad. Sometimes you get the bull, but sometimes you get the horns.



capnmedic said...

Where else can you do something different every day, meet some pretty interesting people and intubate them. I have doing this for fifteen years now and still can not imagine myself doing anything else. Sure some days you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but sometimes, when the planets align, you can do something to really help someone and change their life. Those are the days that keep me coming back. Stay safe and remember its a great job and people appreciate it, sometimes they just forget to say it. Capnmedic

David Givot said...

You are not alone. It can get better.


I hope it does.


Anonymous said...

I am writing a paper on public vs private ems/ hospital vs community based care... can you help me find sources?